Co-working inspiration in Rõuge
Soojuse tn 5, Rõuge village, Võru County
Suitable for
Number of visitors
Indicative internet speed
60 Mbps / 50 Mbps
Food options
restaurant nearby
In addition
monitor or large screen
special diet food
Daily price
from 10 eur

Catlamaja in Rõuge village is designed as a classic co-working space. Catlamaja welcomes both individual remote workers and teams. A separate room is available for meetings or trainings. For smaller meetings and phone calls, use our private sun-side rooms. We offer a dedicated remote work environment, free of other guests or visitors. In Catlamaja, you can focus on your work in a private ambience.

For visitors from afar, a decent selection of lodging and food is available in the area. The Rõuge region has many points of interest and leisure, including sports facilities. Local lakes are great for swimming in the summer and skating or ice hockey in the winter. Other attractions include a golf course, tennis courts, volleyball court, soccer court with artificial turf, skatepark, sports hall (volleyball, basketball, soccer, aerobics, bodybuilding), hiking trails, a greenway for roller-skaters and runners and even horseback riding. In the winter, a ski lift is open for skiers and snowboarders in Kiidi. Dog-sleigh trips are available throughout the year.