General Reek’s House

The general’s cosy mansion, built in the art nouveau style, in Värska
Pikk 29, Värska, Setomaa vald
Suitable for
Indicative internet speed
50 Mbps / 20 Mbps
Food options
restaurant nearby
on-site catering
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monitor or large screen
networking opportunities
special diet food

Reek’s House offers remote workers a touch of the Värska region’s unique historical heritage. Guests have the exclusive opportunity to work in General Nikolai Reek’s personal study. Several cosy seminar halls are available for teams to choose from.

Take a stretch break indoors (an adult ball pool and special lounge bath are available) or on our outdoor premises. In the winter, a skating rink is open on Õrsava Lake and good ski tracks await nearby. In the summer, enjoy a picnic in the open air or rent a boat, paddleboat or bicycle. Hiking trails and fishing are available during other seasons as well.