Hämsaare Holiday Farm

A family business where hard work pays off
Andsujärve tee 11, Meegomäe küla, Võru vald
Suitable for
Number of visitors
12 (2 persons in one room)
Indicative internet speed
10 Mbps / 10 Mbps
Food options
on-site restaurant or café
on-site catering
In addition
private premises
on-site accommodation
special diet food

Hämsaare Holiday Farm is located in the municipality of Võru, only a few kilometers from the town. Those who come to telework will find themselves in an authentic 19th century Estonian setting, but with all modern comforts available. We pride ourselves on offering excellent food and real relaxation (sauna, massage).

Teams are offered food-themed workshops: baking bread and karask (traditional Estonian barley bread), making sour-milk cheese, and other traditional cooking experiences. Additional facilities include a swimming pool and a smoke sauna. Within walking distance are illuminated roller ski and ski trails, Lake Andsujärv and Lake Kubija.