Lüllemäe Centre of Public Education

Joy of discovery in Valga commune
Kirikumõisa tee 5, Lüllemäe village, Valga rural municipality, Valga County
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Indicative internet speed
19 Mpbs / 19 Mpbs
Food options
kitchenette for self-catering
restaurant nearby
on-site catering
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monitor or large screen
special diet food

The Lüllemäe Centre of Public Education in Valga rural municipality focuses on adult training, creative self-expression and great food (the popular Kolm Sõsarat restaurant is right next door). We also offer hands-on workshops for teams in areas such as clay modelling. You can also invite our storyteller to share local lore on the young Karula couple, the herdsboy and other characters. Lodging can be arranged nearby.