Tõrva Radio

Connecting Generations
Valga 3, Tõrva, 68601 Valgamaa, Estonia
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Number of visitors
Indicative internet speed
191 Mbps / 48 Mbps
Food options
restaurant nearby
on-site catering
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private premises
monitor or large screen
networking opportunities
special diet food

The offices of Tõrva Raadio are located in the heart of Tõrva. They have excellent lighting (both natural and overhead) and everything else you need for work. You can set up a classic co-working office, get a separate room for yourself alone or organise a team meeting (10-12 people can work very comfortably).

There is also ultra-fast fibre-optic Internet, as well as everything necessary for making professional sound recordings (from recording podcasts to sound design and editing). The logistically favourable location of the rooms means that everything you need – from a refreshing swim to a nice bite to eat – is conveniently located within walking distance. You can park your car next to the building and the bus station is also a minute away.

The rooms of Tõrva Raadio are used by NGO Tõrva Noorte Liit (Tõrva Youth Union), young people who run a seasonal radio station (on frequency 90.0MHz); the office space is sometimes also used by the local newspaper. As the community of Tõrva is pleasantly small, while also being very close-knit and active, the services provided by the Tõrva Raadio team in support of teleworking are well-organised. Additional requests to enjoy various entertainment or sporting activities in the area, or further afield in Mulgimaa, are also easily arranged.

Although the rooms are located in the centre of Tõrva, they offer a peaceful working environment with a beautiful view. Coffee and tea can be made during the working day in the small kitchenette. There are also plenty of board games to play in the relaxation area.