Võrumõisa Business Hut

Combine your work and holiday in Võru!
Võrumõisa tee 4, Võru linn, Võrumaa 65605
Suitable for
Food options
kitchenette for self-catering
restaurant nearby
In addition
private premises
monitor or large screen
on-site accommodation
networking opportunities
Daily price
starting from EUR 15 + VAT for daytime use. 24-hour prices depend on the number of days – ask us for a quote!

We look forward to seeing you alone or with your family, combining both teleworking and your holiday into one. Võrumõisa Business Hut is located at the edge of the town of Võru, where you will find peace and quiet, and magnificent views of fields and woodlands from the historic Võru Rural Municipality Government building.
If you are in the area and want to get some work done, or perhaps make new connections with the locals, this is the place to be. We offer three private and fully equipped personal offices, including a studio office with a sauna and a meeting room.

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