Anzelika’s Organic Farm

Cared for and loved from generation to generation
Anselika, Pruntova küla, Võrumaa 65045
Võru 37km, Tartu 108km, Tallinn 283km
Suitable for
Indicative internet speed
50 Mpbs / 6.3 Mbps
Food options
Kitchenette for self-catering
On-site catering
In addition
Private premises
Monitor or large screen
On-site accommodation
Networking opportunities
Special diet food
Meeting room

Ours is an organic farm, where family daughter Anzelika is the 5th generation to run the farm. At Anzelika’s Organic Farm, the primordial and modern meet – a wood-burning country sauna and next to it a glamping tent with a hot tub. The modern and the primordial are merged into a single whole by a cosy log house, where you can work remotely in a very cosy setting. You can grill, build a campfire, and bathe in the pond.

The food that can be enjoyed while you are working remotely comes from the organic field next to the house. In addition to food, various plants and animals are grown and raised on the organic farm. At Anzelika’s Organic Farm, our family believes that rural life along the border is possible and enjoyable.

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