Whether your remote workplace in Kupland is a lovely farmhouse or an office in a small town, you are always surrounded by fascinating nature.

Well-designed spaces for work and accommodation provide for all your needs. Generously sized desks with comfortable seats are available at each location. High-speed internet, printing services and plenty of sockets are also standard. Like you, we know the importance of good lighting and comfortable room temperatures. You can brew or purchase coffee or tea at all locations.   

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All remote workplaces in Kupland:

Haani Creative Hut

Maarimäe talu, Horoski küla, Rõuge vald


Ööbikuoru Villa

Valuable times in Rõuge

Tiidu village, Rõuge rural municipality, Võru County


Lüllemäe Centre of Public Education

Joy of discovery in Valga commune

Kirikumõisa tee 5, Lüllemäe village, Valga rural municipality, Valga County



A modern production, remote work and visitor hub in Kanepi rural municipality

Orava Farm, Valgjärve village, Kanepi rural municipality, Põlva County


Tehvandi Sports Centre

Top-level conference services in Otepää

Tehvandi Olympic Centre, Otepää town, Valga County


Otepää Apartments

Private guest apartment in Otepää

Tartu maantee 1a, 67405, Otepää


Anzelika’s Organic Farm

Cared for and loved from generation to generation

Anselika, Pruntova küla, Võrumaa 65045


Haanjamehe Farm Hotel and Spa

Work and relax

Vakari Village, Rõuge Rural Municipality, Võru County


Saarjärve Resort

Work and play by the lakeside

Saarjärve, Viira küla, Räpina vald, 64224


Café Johanna

Home cafe and remote work paradise in Valga town

Vabaduse 35, Valga


Sangaste Castle

Fairytale castle in Otepää commune

Sangaste Castle, Lossiküla village, Otepää rural municipality, Valga County


Home Café Tillu

Warm and cosy to the bone

Jaama 52, 64605 Põlva, Põlvamaa, Estonia


Pesa Hotel

Green Key hotel in Põlva town

Uus 5, Põlva, Põlva County


Võru Institute

Promoter of the Võro language and Vana-Võromaa culture

Tartu tn 48, Võru town


Butterfly Garden

Creative gardens in Võru commune

Kõivere, Umbsaare village, Võru rural municipality, Võru County


Riverboat Lonny

Come on board!

Saesaare paisjärv, Kiidjärve küla, 63604 Põlva maakond


Hämsaare Holiday Farm

A family business where hard work pays off

Andsujärve tee 11, Meegomäe küla, Võru vald


Taevaskoja Holiday Centre

Inspired company in Põlva commune

Neitsikoopa tee 10, Taevaskoja village, Põlva rural municipality, Põlva County


Räpina Harbour

A treat for guests arriving by both land and water

Kooli 1, Räpina, 64504, Põlva maakond


Räpina Creative House

Unique experiences in Räpina

Pargi 31, Räpina, Põlva County


GMP Clubhotel

Enjoy in style!

Tennisevälja 1, Otepää


Estonian Road Museum

Southeast Estonia’s largest culture station in Kanepi Rural Municipality

Varbuse, Kanepi rural municipality, 63122 Põlva County


Mooste Manor

Worth discovering

Mõisahoovi tee 4, Mooste, 64616 Põlvamaa, Estonia


Tõrva Radio

Connecting Generations

Valga 3, Tõrva, 68601 Valgamaa, Estonia


Kanepi Guesthouse and Shooting Range

Creating new opportunities in Kanepi

Turu-Põik 3, Kanepi, Kanepi rural municipality, Põlva County


Suur Muna

Heart-warming café in Haanja

Haanja village, Rõuge rural municipality, Võru County


General Reek’s House

The general’s cosy mansion, built in the art nouveau style, in Värska

Pikk 29, Värska, Setomaa vald



Co-working inspiration in Rõuge

Soojuse tn 5, Rõuge village, Võru County


Võrumõisa Business Hut

Combine your work and holiday in Võru!

Võrumõisa tee 4, Võru linn, Võrumaa 65605



Brainstorming studio in Põlva commune

Neitsijärve farm, Uibujärve village, Põlva rural municipality



Artsy cluster in Võru town

Liiva 11a, Võru town, Võru County


Mooste Distillery

A building with history

Mooste, Põlva Rural Municipality, Põlva County


Karupesa Hotel

Comfortable and friendly hotel in Otepää

Tehvandi 1, Otepää, Valga rural municipality


South-East Estonian Innovation Centre

Room for ideas in Võru town

Räpina maantee 12, Võru town, Võru County