With a family

With family

Consider taking your family to Kupland for a working holiday.

For example, even if your kids are on school holiday or your partner is on leave, you may occasionally need some time to focus on your work. You can sleep and eat together, then you head to your ergonomic workplace while the rest of the family enjoys leisure time in South-East Estonia.

Generously sized desks with comfortable seats are available at each location. High-speed internet, plenty of sockets and printing services are also standard. Like you, we know the importance of good lighting and comfortable room temperatures. You can brew or purchase coffee or tea at all locations.

Nr of people

Anzelika’s Organic Farm

Anselika, Pruntova küla, Võrumaa 65045 1-6 Võru 37km, Tartu 108km, Tallinn 283km

Haani Creative Hut

Maarimäe talu, Horoski küla, Rõuge vald 6 Võru 20km, Tartu 95km, Tallinn 270km

Haanjamehe Farm Hotel and Spa

Vakari Village, Rõuge Rural Municipality, Võru County up to 200 seminar guests, accomodation for 80 Võru 14km, Tartu 85km, Tallinn 260km

Kääriku Sports Center

Kääriku, 67309 Otepää vald 1-350 Otepää 11km, Valga 37km, Tartu 56km, Tallinn 215km

Karupesa Hotel

Tehvandi 1, Otepää, Valga rural municipality 60 Otepää 1km, Tartu 44km, Tallinn 208km

Mooste Distillery

Mooste, Põlva Rural Municipality, Põlva County Restoran for 80 people, accomodation for 36 (extra beds available nextdoor) Tartu 43 km, Põlva 14 km, Tallinn 230 km

Mooste Manor

Mõisahoovi tee 4, Mooste, 64616 Põlvamaa, Estonia Up to 600 Põlva 13km, Tartu 44km, Tallinn 224km

Ööbikuoru Villa

Tiidu village, Rõuge rural municipality, Võru County 18 Võru 16km, Tartu 83km, Tallinn 259km

Pesa Hotel

Uus 5, Põlva, Põlva County 60 Põlva 1km, Tartu 49km, Tallinn 224km

Räpina Harbour

Kooli 1, Räpina, 64504, Põlva maakond up to 50 Tartu 70 km, Põlva 35 km, Tallinn 256 km

Saarjärve Resort

Saarjärve, Viira küla, Räpina vald, 64224 1-38 Tartust 61km, Põlvast 13km

Suur Muna

Haanja village, Rõuge rural municipality, Võru County 20 Võru 16km, Tartu 90km, Tallinn 266km

Taevaskoja Holiday Centre

Neitsikoopa tee 10, Taevaskoja village, Põlva rural municipality, Põlva County 60 Põlva 7km, Tartu 45km, Tallinn 221km

Tehvandi Sports Centre

Tehvandi Olympic Centre, Otepää town, Valga County 70 Otepää 1km, Tartu 44km, Tallinn 208km