Haani Creative Hut

Maarimäe talu, Horoski küla, Rõuge vald
Võru 20km, Tartu 95km, Tallinn 270km
Suitable for
Indicative internet speed
40 Mbps / 10 Mbps
Food options
Kitchenette for self-catering
In addition
Private premises
Monitor or large screen
On-site accommodation
Networking opportunities
Meeting room
Daily price
The Hut: EUR 140 per day for up to 2 people; EUR 200 per day for up to 4 people; EUR 20 for extra bed/mattress (2 available). Data projector EUR 30 per day; extra desktop screen EUR 30 per day; sitting ball included; paper whiteboard included.



What makes Haani Creative Hut special?


The Haani Creative Hut is tailored for the inspiration-seeking remote worker. Our hut accommodates solo workers, people working in pairs as well as small teams. All work and rest amenities are available on two floors.

The mood is set by indigenous Kihnu sheep, stretching pauses amid the ancient Haanimaa hills, and optional relaxing massage or body therapy.

We are happy to heat up the sauna for you. You are welcome to do your own cooking, but we can also recommend local tastes nearby or further away. And there’s a lot more to discover here in the Haani Hills!


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