Riverboat Lonny

Come on board!
Saesaare paisjärv, Kiidjärve küla, 63604 Põlva maakond
Põlva 11km, Tartu 46km, Tallinn 221km
Suitable for
Food options
On-site catering
On-site catering
In addition
Private premises
Networking opportunities
Special diet food
Daily price
250€/2h, 300€/3h, then 100€/h.


What makes Riverboat Lonny special?


If your head feels empty and you really need an inspiring workplace, please check out our perfect offer – Riverboat Lonny outdoor offices!

Riverboat Lonny easily transforms into a serious team working venue. Our office has the advantage of no walls, ensuring that unlimited fresh air is always available. Light intensity at any given moment is determined by the sun and clouds. We do have chairs and desks, but if inspiration remains elusive, just go lie down on the bridge to observe the skies and gather your thoughts.

Please note that your thoughts could be interrupted by busy herons, kingfishers and sand martins, as well as picturesque views and sounds of the forest. Meanwhile, if all that hard work has caused your head to overheat, a refreshing dip in the lake will surely help you return to a professional mood.

We offer coffee breaks with gourmet cheeseplates, artisan cakes, coffee and tea. Lunch and dinner are served by Maitsemaa experience caterers.

Guided boat tours and various hiking challenges are also available.


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