Suur Muna

Heart-warming café in Haanja
Haanja village, Rõuge rural municipality, Võru County
Võru 16km, Tartu 90km, Tallinn 266km
Suitable for
Indicative internet speed
50 Mpbs / 50 Mpbs
Food options
On-site catering
Restaurant nearby
On-site restaurant or cafe
In addition
Monitor or large screen
Networking opportunities
Special diet food
Meeting room
Daily price
consumption of cafe services (with snacks and Karlova coffee from 10 € per guest)


What makes Suur Muna special?


Suur Muna is located in Rõuge rural municipality, Haanja, with a productive environment and high-speed internet in our café, plus peaceful relaxation and lodging nearby. The café offers delights for the body and soul in an environment great for slow living and inspiration.

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