Estonian Road Museum

Southeast Estonia’s largest culture station in Kanepi Rural Municipality
Varbuse, Kanepi rural municipality, 63122 Põlva County
seminar halls for up to 150 attendees
Põlva 15km, Tartu 49km, Tallinn 224km
Suitable for
Indicative internet speed
94 Mbps / 71 Mbps
Food options
On-site catering
In addition
Monitor or large screen
Meeting room
Daily price
Sillatuba and Machinery Hall classrooms €250/day (€60/h). Price includes museum entrance fee. Machinery Hall Traffic Education Centre – between October and April, availability and price to be agreed upon separately.


What makes Estonian Road Museum special?


The Estonian Road Museum is Southeast Estonia’s largest culture station, perfectly suited for conferences, workshops, meetings and remote work.

The Museum is located away from tempting city lights and offers a perfect environment for concentration. Here, all new ideas get a green light and the speed of thought is limitless. For all of the above to materialise, one certainly needs a fast Internet connection and opportunities to step from the working environment straight out into nature. All of this is available at the Road Museum. Along with enough surprising and exciting moments to spice up the workday.

The Sillatuba workspace, located in the stables, and the classroom in Machinery Hall, are available for meetings and workshops. For larger conferences, we can also offer the one-of-a-kind Traffic Education Centre in Machinery Hall.

Educational activities and workshops relating to road history can be integrated with your events.

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