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Experience Accommodation and Seminar Rooms that Boost Creativity!
Neitsijärve farm, Uibujärve village, Põlva rural municipality
Põlva 11 km, Tartu 60 km, Tallinn 235 km
Suitable for
Indicative internet speed
115 Mbps / 56 Mbps
Food options
Kitchenette for self-catering
On-site catering
In addition
Monitor or large screen
On-site accommodation
Special diet food
Meeting room
Daily price
Solo remote work: €50 per day (includes accommodation, use of the coworking area, and good coffee), minimum stay 2 nights. Day seminar package: from €530 (price for 10 people includes seminar room with equipment and lunch, as well as coffee, tea, water)

A unique complex on the shore of a small but deep bog lake, designed for team events with up to 15 participants - seminars, brainstorming sessions, summer and winter days. The complex includes a seminar room built in a log cabin, a coworking area (also usable for seminars), a café house, experience accommodation, and saunas. During breaks, explore the Creativity Path - a small theme park that reveals the essence of creativity through 30+ stories and tasks, inspiring eureka moments.


FOR TEAMS: Private Seminar Rooms that Boost Creativity


Seminar Room Quick Overview

  • For how large events? Up to 30 people for one-day events and up to 15 for multi-day events.
  • What types of events? Strategy discussions, trainings, workshops, seminars, brainstorming sessions, etc.
  • How many people can stay overnight? We have 15 overnight places.
  • How is catering arranged? Catering is provided by the chefs and pastry chefs of the legendary café "Tillu" from South Estonia. Meals are served in our café house. Special dietary requirements are, of course, considered.


General Introduction

The complex is designed to stimulate both movement and contact with nature, as these enhance creativity and help your team achieve more. The seminar rooms are furnished to boost creativity with bean bags, ottomans, and rocking chairs - a freer and more playful atmosphere that gets the ideas flowing differently. Good ideas need to be bounced around in a relaxed environment. The café house is the heart of the complex, making it an ideal place for evening idea exchanges and enjoyable gatherings. The solutions teams leave with are bolder and more innovative than they initially seemed comfortable with, as our environment and methodologies get the ideas flowing.


Additional Opportunities

  • Creativity Path - a unique creative thinking theme park created in collaboration with Jaan Aru, guiding you to creative solutions.
  • 30-minute inspirational talk "PASSION or 5 Practical Tips to Spark Ideas." This is 20 years of brainstorming experience in 30 minutes.
  • Facilitated brainstorming session.
  • Private office space for online calls upon request.
  • Transfer from the train station upon request.
  • Evening activity options from our leisure activities list (e.g., hikes in the Emajõe Suursoo or Võhandu, group cooking, crafting, etc.). Ask, and we'll send you the "menu".


Note! If you wish, we can organize your team event as a full service - speakers, accommodation, catering, seminar rooms, leisure activities (saunas, hikes, workshops, excursions, and much more). Tell us your plans, and we will help make them happen - we are more than just seminar rooms.


One more important thing - comfort. Have you ever been in a situation where, while hosting your event in a hotel or spa seminar room, participants cannot immediately put their things in their rooms, and on the day of departure, you have to take a break from the seminar because the rooms need to be vacated? With us, you are free from this concern - the rooms are at your disposal for the entire duration of your stay, no carrying bags around, or paying for late or early check-in fees. Isn't that convenient?




REMOTE WORKER alone or in a small group:

To do things differently - change the environment where you work!


General Introduction

For individuals or small groups who need to complete a project or find inspiration to solve work challenges. Escape the routine and city noise, focus on your work challenge. During breaks, boost your creativity on the Creativity Path - walk simply for inspiration, solve your challenge, or laze around in the lazing oasis. Work gets done, and you leave with bolder ideas and somehow it was also pleasant to be here. At least, this is what we have repeatedly heard from our visitors :-)


What is the living situation like?

For overnight stays, there is experience accommodation in mini houses. The houses are located on the shore of the bog lake, with each house having a 2-3 meter thick peat layer underneath, formed over 2000-3000 years, creating a unique "floating" experience. It's a truly unique experience! For sauna experiences, there are several options, such as a raft sauna on the bog lake - jump straight from the steam into the water, swim in the natural bog lake, or glide on a SUP board to the other end of the lake to explore the beaver world. Or, enjoy the sunset in a hot tub at the edge of a grain field, which we have filled with bog lake water.


How is catering arranged?

The complex has a café house with a fully equipped kitchen for cooking and a coffee machine (because good coffee is a human right). You can bring groceries from Maksimarket (9 minutes by car) or order them with the e-Selver courier. Why not combine a lunch or dinner at a cool café with some work on a few days? The legendary Tillu café (9 minutes) is open from Tuesday to Saturday, and the White Guide recommended café Suur Muna in Haanja is open every day (38 minutes away).


What fun activities can I do during breaks?

If you get tired of being comfortable on-site and need a change, nearby are the ruins of Viira watermill and Süvahavva watermill on Võhandu - ancient places perfect for recharging (8 minutes by car). Find more local attractions in this post


A Work Environment Created for Working

  • The seminar room is equipped with all the necessary presentation technology.
  • For jotting down ideas, in addition to a flip chart, there is a 7.5-meter glass board to keep the day's discussion results in view - making it easier to spot necessary connections! Glass boards are also available in the coworking area and outside.
  • An environment and methodologies that stimulate creativity - we have led over 800 brainstorming sessions and brought this knowledge to this environment. Ask us for ice-breaker tasks or creativity techniques!
  • Privacy for working - this is your world, as we never have multiple teams at the same time. It's an amazing luxury to know you won't be disturbed!
  • Fast WiFi (90 Mbps download and 40 Mbps upload) throughout the territory and the opportunity to work outdoors in summer - heat lamps, sunshades, and plugs for charging your computer.
  • Clear pricing - everything necessary for work is included in the price (including good coffee and tea), with no hidden costs.
  • Air conditioning in the seminar rooms.
  • Unlimited access to good bean coffee and coffee drinks from a Jura machine (it’s a human right).
  • Working in your room, in the coworking area, or a private 24/7 open office (let us know your preference when booking).
  • Eight rooms have a work desk and perforated walls for notes to keep different thoughts in view at once.
  • Possibility to use a printer and additional monitor.



  • Solo remote work: €50 per day (includes accommodation, use of the coworking area, and good coffee), minimum stay 2 nights.
  • Day seminar package: from €530 (price for 10 people includes seminar room with equipment and lunch, as well as coffee, tea, and water).
  • If you come for several days with a team or group for remote work - ask for an offer!

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