Vabaduse 12/2, Võru linn, Võru maakond
Võru 0km, Tartu 72km, Tallinn 247km
Suitable for
Indicative internet speed
WIFI 349.90 Mbps / 343.11 Mbps
Food options
Restaurant nearby
On-site catering
In addition
Private premises
Monitor or large screen
Networking opportunities
Meeting room
Daily price
Desk rental: €20/day (or €5/hour), meeting room: €15/hour, event space for a day: €150-250 (depending on the number of hours).

Why is Võru HUUB special?

Coming with a larger team

Võru HUUB features an event hall, which is distinguished by its stage. The space is equipped with the necessary presentation, audio, lighting, and video technology, allowing events to be held both on-site and via live broadcast. The theater-style setup accommodates dozens of people.

Coming with a smaller team

In our meeting rooms, everyone can hold meetings with groups of up to 6 people. The meeting room is equipped with a 55-inch TV and an owl camera, enabling hybrid meetings.

Coming alone

In the remote work room, you will find an ergonomic chair and a height-adjustable desk with the touch of a button, making your work environment exactly as you need it! A peaceful space that accommodates up to three remote workstations.

By the way, HUUB also has its own sound recording room, perfect for recording podcasts. The room is equipped with the necessary technology and software (FL Studio) for sound recording.

When your brain needs a break and refreshment from intense work, there's a solution in the HUUB lounge, equipped with various books, board games, and video game consoles. You can also relax in our kitchen, where you can dine, enjoy coffee, tea, or cocoa, and interact with different people.

Come and make your workday with us! We are happy when young entrepreneurs starting out in HUUB meet entrepreneurs or specialists during informal remote work days!

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