Võru Institute

Promoter of the Võro language and Vana-Võromaa culture
Tartu tn 48, Võru town
Võru 0km, Tartu 70km, Tallinn 246km
Suitable for
Food options
Kitchenette for self-catering
Restaurant nearby
On-site catering
In addition
Private premises
Monitor or large screen
Networking opportunities
Meeting room
Daily price
Price for remote worker 10€/day; 5 days - 40€; 1 month - 100€. Meeting room rental from 35€/day (8€/h), price upon agreement after 17.00.


What makes Võru Institute special?


The Võru Institute is located near the popular Tamula Beach Promenade and Kreutzwald Park.

We offer remote working opportunities to people who, on the one hand, are looking for peace and quiet to get the job done and, on the other hand, are looking to draw inspiration from immersion in the local linguistic and cultural environment.

We offer remote workers a workstation in a cosy room next to a window, where a height adjustable standing desk is also available.

For those arriving with a team, we offer a well-lit meeting room and catering, with the additional option of ordering short introductory classes on the Võro language and presentations on the local culture, either at our location or in various museums in Vana-Võromaa.

You can buy books and music in the Võro language at the Institute, as well as local handicrafts. The staff is extremely friendly and while they communicate with each other in Võro, interpretation into the guest’s language is always available.

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