Tõrva Veemõnula

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Puiestee 1
Valga 30 km, Tartu 67 km, Tallinn 203 km
Suitable for
Indicative internet speed
Alla kuni 300 Mb/s, üles 75 Mb/s
Food options
On-site catering
Restaurant nearby
On-site restaurant or cafe
In addition
Private premises
Monitor or large screen
On-site accommodation
Networking opportunities
Special diet food
Accessibility (for persons with special needs)
Meeting room
Daily price
seminar 25€/h, accomodation starting 89€/room

At Tõrva Veemõnula, be ready to dive into the enchantment of the forest and water pleasures, because this is a spa where a cozy atmosphere meets breathtaking views. In a quiet and pleasant environment, focusing is a delight, and the only things that might distract you are a squirrel or the wind rustling in the pine needles.

Here, work and relaxation go hand in hand, as the health-boosting saunas embrace you warmly after a workday, and the waters of the pools and hot tubs wash away everyday worries. Your room is warm and the bed is soft, surrounded by birdsong and just a few hundred meters away is the center of Tõrva, if you wish to get inspired by the local scene.

For remote work or seminars, we offer fast internet connection (download speed up to 300 Mbps, upload speed 75 Mbps) and modern presentation equipment.

You can book a remote work home for one at Veemõnula starting from 89 euros, or share the joy with your family by booking a triple room from 109 euros. The seminar room for up to 8 colleagues can be booked for 25 euros per hour, and if you come with an even larger and more cheerful group (up to 28 people) and book all the rooms at Veemõnula (a total of 13), all seminar rooms and presentation equipment are completely free of charge.

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